Everyone in the Defenders of the Cross universe shape the story line of the game. This is done by having the players move their own characters story. The game's systems work around the actions of the player to make it a unique experience.

In the world of DOTC Organizations have been formed. Organizations are when groups, battalions(clan) or defenders band together under the same banner. The players who join an organization usually wish to expand their character's story or share a cause.

Ruling Organization

The Organization are formed with the purpose of changing the regime. These Organization conflict and war between organizations until one remains on top. The Organization that overcomes all obstacles and is victorious is considered the Ruling Organization. Ruling Organization dicate the laws and actions of the Defenders in the planet.

Player versus Player War

When Organizations begin to bump heads a PVP war breaks out. In these PVP war the Organizations fight eachother for control over a planet. An example of this would be the Principality War. In this war the Akram Kingdom(Ruling Organization) faced againts the Principality Empire for control over the planet of Junon.

Known Organizations and Leaders:

Pioneers - Luxem and Zant
Aruan - Arua, Obsidian, Odracir and G
Akram Kingdom - Junon, Akram, Krusa, Sinocx and Kiel
Principality Empire - Sikuku, Renegade and Raisco
Republic of Eldeon - Letron, Champ and Knight
Dragons - Dragon King
Orlean - Oro and Muris
Hebarnian - Hebarn
Head Demons - Succubus
Karkean - Karkia
Skaajnites - Unknown

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